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A tisket, a tasket

What is a tasket anyway?

It's been a number of years since friday meant time off.  And, well, it still really doesn't.  Granted I don't have to get up early for classes (yay!), I do have quite a bit of homework to do.  Some online homework assignments that are due by sunday night, some chapters to read and notes to take.  Also a bio lab report; these I have to do every week =0/  Which means research mode!  It's about prokaryotes.  And while given lots of info., we have to answer some questions which means about 4-6 hours of reading (depending on how quickly you can find source material) that gets turned into a two page report.
Luckily my copy of 'Repo!  The Genetic Opera' came in the mail today!  I will have this lovely dark gem to keep me company all weekend long.  And I will most likely annoy people by singing the songs randomly while looking stuff up in the library ;0)